...for I am the LORD, who heals you.
Exodus 15:26

Recommended Reading:
Healing the Sick
by; T.L. Osborn

There was a time not too long ago when I wondered if it was God's will to heal my family.  I realize that this is not a unique question and that many countless Christians are asking themselves this question right now.   Over the past 3.5 years I have traveled a journey from chronic illness through nutritional healing and finally Divine healing.  It was in this journey that I came to believe with all of my heart that physical healing is a work of the cross.  I believe that healing is God's will for all.  I believe that healing is available for anyone to receive just as salvation is.  

My faith was built up in this area over the 3.5 years of this journey.  It was not an overnight thing.  In fact as I was on the journey I encountered teaching that made me uncomfortable at the time, but in retrospect I see as God bringing me closer to healing.  At the time I remember thinking it all sounded very "name it claim it," and I am certainly not comfortable with that.  What I learned though is that if there is a promise from God in the Bible and it is promised to me...I can stand on that...I can claim it as mine.  

The journey included many twists and turns, conversations, strange "coincidences," prayers and laying on of hands, Bible studies, prophetic words, sermons, books, etc.  The culmination of the journey though was a sermon by evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth, and reading a book he recommended as the "best book on healing" that he has ever read.  

In the first few pages of the book recommended by Tiff, I read a claim that many people receive healing as a result of how their faith is built up while reading the book and learning about what the Bible says about healing.  Even coming from an Assemblies of God church and believing in healing for today, I had never received teaching as comprehensive as in this book.  I didn't just read the book though.  I was not willing to take anyone's word for what the Bible was saying.  As I read the book I dug into my Bible.  I didn't just read the verse quoted in the book - I read the whole chapter or chapters surrounding it to truly get the context.  I investigated the cross references and dug into the original Greek and Hebrew.  The result was that my faith was built up to believe that it is God's will to heal all, and that healing is a completed work of the cross - just like salvation.

I cannot lend out my brain along with my experiences, my journey, and the impressions on my heart/spirit.  I do not expect people to just "get it" - I understand that it is a journey for all of us.  All I can do is hope that if you need healing today you will open your heart to the possibility that what I am saying is true, and allow God to lead you into His truth.